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"Tarkeshwar Mahadev is a Village 36 km from Lansdowne and at a Height of 1,800 m. The place is Known for its Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva. Surrounded by Thick Forests of Devdar and Pine, it is an ideal Pace for those who Seek for Beauty in Nature. During Shivratri, a Special Worship is held. The temple committee provides a Dharamshala for Accommodation." "Happy with Tarkeshwar immense devotion and worship, Lord Shiva gave him a boon of immortality as per Tarkeshwar request except Lord Shiva's son. Satisfied with the thought that Lord Shiva follows 'Vairagya' (Detachment from earthy things and emotions), Tarkeshwar accepts Lord Shiva boon condition of immortality."

Message from the Lord Shiva
"Lord Takeshwar had told his devotee in his dreams that this Temple is my home and this beautiful Devdar forest is my garden." people used to visit this heavily abode with lots of love and devotion which fills me with abundant happiness

~ Lord Shiva

How To Reach Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple Lansdowne

"Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple is located at 38 kms from Lansdowne and can be reached easily by hiring taxi from Lansdowne to Gundalkhet village. From the village, temple is just 1 km ahead which can be easily trek. Nearest rail connectivity is at Kotdwara railway station (70 kms) and airport at Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (177 kms)."

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Takeshwar Mahadev Prayer Time

Summer Season Morning 5am- 7pm.

Winter Season Morning 6:30am-5pm.


March To August.

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