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Two pujas particular importance Tarkeshwar Mahadev, After the Rabi harvest in May, and in September after harvest of Knijh. Tarkeshwar Mahadev villages dozens of people living in the periphery of the grain here, then accept the offer is ,On Shivaratri, which is used by the temple committee giant fair -region involved in social causes for the presentation of cultural songs and hymns of Uttarakhand as well as a folk singer inviting other deities Shiva 's prosperity and prosperity of the region by calling for is wished


2 months age for a bhandare has to inform Ashram manager and temple committee. To change the date of your Bhandara. Kotdwara for Treasuries and other places will have your system . Such as artisan or for preparing food ration . For more details and information can get support from these Numbers. On Shivaratri, devotees Bhandara fruit tea or you can give .

Contact to President -  Shri Ranbeer Singh Sajwan (8006624665)
Contact to Ashram -   Mahant Teetu Panthwal (9458375526)

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