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It Is an Ancient Temple 1500 years Dedicated to Lord Shiva Surrounded By Thick Devdar Trees. It is Located 38Km. from Lansdowne at an of 1800 M. to North East of Lansdowne on Road Lansdowne Deriyakhal Tarkeshwar Was a Person Aquisition of Super Natural power & he was a born Saint. He Was an Identity of Lord Shiva.

He Has Unclad Body Smeared Wid Ashes :

    This Form of Lord Shiva Symbolizes the Transcendental Aspect Of His Nature.

Jata (Matted Hair):

    Matted Hair Represent Lord Shiva as Lord Of Wind.

Sacred ganga:

    The River Ganga is the Most Sacred River For Pious Hindus.
Lord Shiva is Often Referred to as GangaDhara or "Bearer of The River Ganga".

The Third Eye :

    Lord Shiva is Depicted as a Three- Eye God.
The Sun is Said to be His Right Eye, the Moon the Left Eye While Fire is His Third Eye.

Half Open Eye :

    When the Lord Opens His Eyes a New Cycle of Creation Begins and
When he Closes Them it Signifies The Destruction of Universe For Creation Of The Next Cycle.