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*   This Ashram belongs to you this is our joint-venture kindly be generous

*   Donations and offerings made at the mandir are in no way connected with the Ashram

*   Food prepared here, will be as per regulations of the Ashram , and not byindivisuals choice

*   Volunteers of the Ashram will serve food kindly wash your utensils

*   Visitors comming for Dhyan, Sadhna, Sankalp, Anusthan are Welcome and will be loked after, those with other intentions will not ne entertained

*   Smoking, Drinking Alcohal consumption of Drugs any kind is strictly prohibited in the Ashram

*   We are highly obuged and thankfull to you for your kind Co-opration

*   Freshen up and wear clean clothes before proceeding for the Darshans.

*   While inside the holy temple focus your attention on the Holy Murti of the Lord Shiva.

*   Don't offer any cash or jewelry in front of the Holy Murti. Instead deposit the same in the donation/jewelry boxes.

*   Deposit donations in the donation boxes kept at various locations or at the computerized donation counters against a proper receipt. No individual is authorized to accept any donation on behalf of the Board.

*   Please do not offer any tip or dakshina or any other gratification to any employee or person.